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Grimaldi Law Offices Compliance and Litigation

Grimaldi Law Offices provides compliance advice and litigation services for businesses of all sizes facing diverse chemical and product regulatory challenges.  A former partner at a large international firm with over 20 years practicing chemical and product law, Grimaldi Law Offices founder Ann Grimaldi has the experience to efficiently analyze and resolve her clients’ regulatory issues, helping them avoid costly business disruption. Grimaldi Law Offices is the right choice for businesses seeking a large firm’s depth of knowledge and experience – and a small firm’s cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

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High caliber and high value legal representation

Chemical and product laws can affect companies in unanticipated – and expensive – ways. In the worst situation, a company may be required to stop selling products and pay high fines. Grimaldi Law Offices has the depth of knowledge necessary to quickly respond to such situations with strategic legal guidance when a business needs it most. And, with greater flexibility compared to its big firm counterparts, the firm delivers high value legal services to its clients.

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Strategic defense of clients’ products and businesses

Enforcement actions can result in protracted and expensive litigation. They divert a company’s resources, distract its employees and impair the business’s reputation. When companies are targeted in enforcement actions, they need experienced and skilled legal representation. Grimaldi Law Offices crafts practical, cost-effective litigation strategies so that clients can get back to the business of doing business as quickly as possible.

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Helping clients manage legal and business risks

With supply chains becoming more complex and global, businesses need to manage not only their own compliance but also business risks and disruptions that may arise from the acts of vendors, customers and other third parties. Grimaldi Law Offices guides clients through the complex maze of chemical and product laws and helps them manage their legal and business risks.