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California’s Proposition 65

Grimaldi Law Offices offers high value, cost-effective Proposition 65 litigation defense and compliance services. With 20 years of experience, Grimaldi Law Offices founder Ann Grimaldi is a knowledgeable and experienced Proposition 65 attorney who has represented hundreds of companies in a wide range of industries, from chemical and product manufacturers to retailers, in Proposition 65 compliance and litigation matters.

Proposition 65 Defense and Compliance:  Strategic Legal Services

Proposition 65 is a complicated law that requires pragmatic evaluation and strategy. Grimaldi Law Offices provides several Proposition 65 services helping businesses strategically manage their risks under this law, including:

  • Compliance counseling and compliance programs tailored to clients’ operations and company cultures
  • Training
  • Defense of Proposition 65 claims, including all aspects of litigation such as
    • Working with clients and scientific experts to evaluate claims and defenses
    • Responding to complaints
    • Drafting and responding to written discovery
    • Taking and defending depositions, including expert depositions
    • Researching, drafting and arguing motions
    • Defending against plaintiffs’ attorneys’ fee applications
    • Settlement of Proposition 65 claims
  • Advising on indemnity issues and customer/vendor communications arising out of Proposition 65 compliance decisions and claims
  • Advising on supply chain challenges resulting from Proposition 65 compliance decisions made by clients or other entities in their supply chains