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January 2014

When Worlds Collide — What Happens When Non-California Consumers See A Prop 65 Warning

With geographically extensive distribution systems, companies often struggle with how to provide Proposition 65 warnings on California-bound products without having to label all products distributed nationally or globally.  It’s costly and burdensome, and sometimes impossible, to label only products intended to be sold in California.  But labeling all products no matter where they are bound raises another concern: that non-California consumers, unused to seeing these warnings, will reject a product simply because it bears a Prop 65 warning.  A recent news item coming out of Tennessee initially would suggest that those fears are well-founded but a closer look tells a different story. A Tennessee woman bought a refrigerator whose owner’s manual contained a Prop 65 warning.  Alarmed, she returned the refrigerator and got another one, confirming companies’ worst fears:  Proposition 65, which only applies to California, not only has caused a lost sale outside of the state but, worse, also …Read More