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August 2014

OEHHA Continues To Consider Revisions to Prop 65 Warning Regulations

As GLO previously reported, the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment released a pre-regulatory draft proposal, for discussion purposes only, substantially revising the Proposition 65 warning regulations. After receiving over 50 comments (with one set of comments signed by almost 140 trade organizations and companies), OEHHA continues to evaluate next steps. OEHHA and Cal/EPA representatives have met with Governor Brown’s advisors to discuss the draft and the comments received.  It is likely that OEHHA will release another document in late 2014. At this time, however, it is unclear whether the next document OEHHA will release will be another pre-regulatory draft for discussion purposes, or a formal rulemaking package. Whatever OEHHA releases, it likely will retain the currently proposed requirement to identify the chemicals being warned for, if they are on the “list of 12” (see Section 25605 of the pre-regulatory proposal)  and the requirement for businesses to submit information about …Read More

Safer Consumer Products Regulations — Update

The California Department of Toxic Substances Control continues its efforts to implement the Safer Consumer Products Regulations: The Regulations require DTSC to publish a Priority Product Work Plan by October 1, 2014.  As GLO previously reported, DTSC scheduled two public workshops in August 2014 to discuss the Work Plan, which has yet to be released.  Those workshops have been cancelled.  DTSC expects to release the Priority Product Work Plan in early September 2014 and will reschedule the workshops for as-yet-unknown dates in September. DTSC anticipates the release of the Priority Product List for formal rulemaking sometime in late 2014/early 2015.  As part of the formal rulemaking, DTSC must conduct specific analyses under the California Environmental Quality Act and the Administrative Procedure Act, and also must prepare a multimedia life cycle evaluation for review by the California Environmental Policy Council. DTSC is aiming to finalize its Alternatives Analysis guidance materials by the end of …Read More

DTSC Schedules Priority Product Work Plan Workshops in August 2014

The California Department of Toxic Substances Control has scheduled two workshops in August at which it will discuss its Priority Product Work Plan and at which the public may provide comments on the Work Plan.  The workshops are scheduled for August 19 at DTSC’s Cypress field office and for August 25 at DTSC’s headquarters in Sacramento.  DTSC has not yet released the Priority Product Work Plan; it expects to do so shortly before the August 19 workshop. The Priority Product Work Plan will identify the product categories that DTSC will consider in the future for identification as Priority Products under the new Safer Consumer Products Regulations.  Priority Products are chemical-product combinations which, under the new program, must undergo alternatives assessments to ascertain whether “safer” alternatives exist.  Priority Products will be subject to regulatory responses ranging from product use restrictions to product bans, depending on the outcome of the alternatives assessments. …Read More