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Take Two and Call Me In the Morning: OEHHA Publishes Proposition 65 Hazard Identification Document for Acetominophen

In announcing the December 5, 2019 meeting of the Proposition 65 Cancer Identification Committee (CIC), OEHHA has published its Hazard Identification Document for acetominophen. Publication of the HID begins the public comment period on the document; the deadline for comments is November 4, 2019. Members of the public also may provide oral comments at the meeting. Acetominophen is a widely used analgesic and antipyretic drug which first became available without a prescription in 1955. The HID, over 350 pages long, evaluates and summarizes a number of studies relating to this OTC drug. At the upcoming CIC meeting, committee members will…

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Illinois Bans BPA-Containing Receipt Paper

By Grimaldi Law Offices Summer Associate Cecilia Grimaldi Illinois has joined several jurisdictions in banning “thermal paper.” Under the new law, “thermal paper” is defined as paper with bisphenol A (BPA) added to the coating. Beginning January 1, 2020, no person can manufacture thermal paper in the state. Further, no person can distribute or use thermal paper made after January 1, 2020 to make business or banking records such as those recording receipts, credits, withdrawals, deposits, or credit or debit card transactions. However, the manufacture provision will not apply to paper containing recycled material. This prohibition on receipt paper containing…

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New York Court Invalidates Cleaning Product Ingredient Disclosure Requirements

On August 27, 2019, a New York judge struck down New York’s cleaning product ingredient disclosure program, finding that the program constituted a regulation and that it had not been promulgated in accordance with the State Administrative Procedure Act (SAPA). In 2018, the New York State Department of Conservation (DEC) drafted requirements entitled “Household Cleansing Product Information Disclosure Program.” Originally set to become effective in July 2019, with enforcement then pushed back to October 2019, the Disclosure Program imposed significant obligations on cleaning product manufacturers, including a requirement to disclose all intentionally added ingredients even if present only in trace…

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Nicotine Vape Products: A Safer Alternative?

By Grimaldi Law Offices Summer Associate Cecilia Grimaldi An increasing wave of mysterious respiratory illness related to vape product use has triggered government action. The Centers for Disease Control has advised people to stop the use of e-cigarettes and other vaping products.  The Food and Drug Administration has also warned the largest American e-cigarette brand, Juul, to cease promotion of its products as a safer alternative to cigarettes. Further, the Trump administration has announced plans to ban flavored e-cigs. While agencies such as the FDA now are beginning to take action against the smoking alternative, there are concerns they failed…

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The Circular Economy: What It May Mean For Your Business

By Grimaldi Law Associate Jennifer Singh The Circular Economy (CE) concept is a growing trend in sustainability that is gaining popularity worldwide in both the private and public sectors. The phrase describes the global effort made across all industries to reduce waste and redesign the way that finite resources are used to ensure that materials are kept in a loop of reusability for as long as possible. To achieve a CE that produces non-toxic and reliable recycled materials, its proponents maintain that prioritizing chemical standards plays a crucial role. Although chemical legislation has not yet fully adapted to CE approaches,…

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